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Revive Your Revenue Cycle

Optimize and leverage the team you already have to improve your revenue cycle health.

We show you how.


With a combined total experience of over 30 years in Healthcare Administration, FQHC and IHS Revenue Cycle Optimization, accounts receivable analysis, and professional coaching and mentoring, we are uniquely qualified to analyze your systems, uncover problem areas, and help you build your best route to improvement using the resources and teams you already have in place.

Analysis & Optimization

Get a complete analysis and clear picture of where your revenue cycle stands right now, followed by a full plan to get it to its best health. In most cases, you already have the staff you need, but sometimes they need clear instruction and a helping hand to renew productivity.

Medical Coding and Documentation

A review of each of your provider's coding patterns, habits, and most common errors is an effective way to decrease rebills, corrected claims, and appeals, and increase your bottom line. We will review and evaluate your providers' documentation habits and provide simple solutions for quick improvement. We are certified by AAPC in Certified Professional Coding and Certified Professional Medical Audits.

Man Signing

Credentialing &
Payor Enrollment

From NPIs and CAQH profiles to insurance rosters and Medicaid revalidations - keeping track of licenses, board certifications, continuing education units, and constantly revolving insurance enrollment renewal dates is challenging. A missed date can wreak havoc on the bottom line when the denials start coming in. We manage the paperwork and deadlines so you can concentrate on patient care. 

Leadership Coaching & Staff Development

How well do you know your revenue cycle staff? What makes them tick? What gives them purpose? What are their ideas? We'll get to know your people, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and then show you how to leverage their skills, support their goals, and improve your revenue cycle efficiency in the process.

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